Project 2012: Unspoken Speech Detection Using a Brain-Computer Interface






·       The Texas Instruments ADS1298 was programmed using an Arduino Uno R3 controller board.  Control registers and SPI timings were programmed in the Arduino using Arduino C programming language.

·       Control of the neural environment was made using OpenVibe, an open-source project for brain computer interfaces and real-time neurosciences.  This software is written in Visual C++ and the logic for the current project was programmed in a visual environment (see Data Acquisition). The Acquisition Step, LDA Training Step, Bayes Training Step and Online Step were all created using this environment.

·       The ADS1298 was connected through the Arduino by means of a serial-USB Windows driver.  However, a Windows driver for the purpose-built EEG used here was created for the project in C++.

·       As OpenVibe does not support a native Bayes classifier, one was written in C for this project.

·       The logic controlling the real-time synchronization of the audible sounds heard by participants and the recording of the subsequent brainwaves was controlled by a LUA stimulator.  LUA (another programming language) is supported by OpenVibe, but the controlling scripts in the acquisition steps were specifically written in LUA for this project. [LUA is commonly used in real-time gaming applications]