Project 2011: Computer-Aided Telepathic Communications





Challenges in Building the EEG Appliance:

 Removing Noise

 ·    Isolated the analogue PCB using a modified aluminum hard disk drive case

 ·    Isolated the modified aluminum hard drive case by suspending it on a plastic stand and securing it with duct tape.

 ·    Isolated the analogue and digital PCB board using modified PC Motherboard standoffs.

 ·    Switched to shielded cabling and mini-XLR connectors.

 ·    Shrink wrapped all open connections

 ·    Use a “Driven Right Leg” (DRL) connection to remove Mains Hum (@60Hz) using electrode placed on wrist.


(Mains Hum noise effects first conclusively detected by conducting initial device tests inside a non-running automobile 30 meters from all AC electrical activity.)