Project 2011: Computer-Aided Telepathic Communications






The results for the 9 subjects are shown in Table 1.  These results reflect the % recognition by the Classifiers for each phoneme in each indicated frequency range summarized for all subjects.


The values are bold and in red/underlined where the rates of recognition reach statistical significance with a 95% confidence interval using a Student’s one-sided t-test.  Rates of Recognition were compared against the baseline rate where the result is entirely random (16.7%).  

Significant values and recognition of phonemes occurred for the /N phoneme in nearly all the selected frequency bands (3-8 Hz, 18- 33 Hz and 38- 48 Hz).  The /uh phoneme appeared in the 28-48 Hz range.  The /ah phoneme was significant in the 3- 8Hz and 13- 18Hz ranges. /T was found to be significant in the 33-38 Hz range.